If you have a percussion student in one of the Frisco ISD schools below then you likely need a practice marimbas in your home.  Many percussion instructors require it as learning to play the marimba takes quite a bit of practice outside of class time.  Fortunately,  we offer the lowest prices and most convenient service for practice marimbas in the Frisco area.

Frisco ISD Schools we serve…

 We currently deliver and serve the following schools in Frisco ISD.  If you don’t see your school listed then we probably serve that school as well but just don’t have it listed.  Feel free to contact us to see for sure. 

Clark Middle School, Cobb Middle School, Fowler Middle School, Griffin Middle School, Hunt Middle School, Lawler Middle School, Maus Middle School, Nelson Middle School, Pearson Middle School, Pioneer Heritage Middle School, Roach Middle School, Scoggins Middle School, Stafford Middle School, Staley Middle School, Trent Middle School, Vandeventer Middle School and Wester Middle School.

We also serve Centennial High School, Emerson High School, Frisco High School, Heritage High School, Independence High School, Lebanon Trail High School, Liberty High School, Lone Star High School, Memorial High School, Panther Creek High School, Reedy High School and Wakeland High School.

3-octave or 4.3-octave Practice Marimba?

If your student is in 6th-8th grade then you likely need a 3-octave practice marimba which you can rent for just $35/mo.  This includes free delivery, pick up and maintenance.  If anything goes wrong with the marimba such as a broken string then just contact us and we’ll send someone out to repair or replace it. Once your child is done with the marimba, just contact us and we’ll schedule a time ti pick it up.    

As your child enters high school and begins working on 4 mallet exercises then is is possible that they’ll need a 4.3-octave practice marimba.  We have a limited number of 4.3-octave marimbas to rent for just $69/mo. If your student needs to upgrade then we’ll bring it out and replace the 3-octave marimba free of charge.